Baby wearing tutorials

How to use our woven wraps and ring slings

On this page you'll learn how to use your woven wrap and/or ring sling to carry your baby. 

Please watch the videos and practice with a doll before trying it on with your baby. If you have any problems or would like to attend our babywearing classes please feel free to reach out to us at or join our Facebook page for more info :)

Woven wrap tutorials

How to use our handwoven wrap

We recommend starting with FRONT WRAP CROSS CARRY. This carry is suitable for beginners and it is a great starter for all the future techniques you'll need to do more advanced carries. As always please remember the T.I.C.K.S guide for safe babywearing before you carry your baby in any type of carrier. 

  • Tight
  • In view at all times
  • Close enough to kiss
  • Keep chin off chest
  • Supported back


Ring sling tutorials

How to thread your ring sling 

In this video tutorial we will cover how to thread your ring sling. It is important that you take time to adjust and arrange your ring sling before putting baby in. The neater the fabric the easier it will be to adjust. 

How to use your ring sling

In this video we will cover how to:

  • put your baby into your ring sling,
  • take your baby out of your ring sling,
  • adjust your ring sling, and
  • use your ring sling with a newborn or a baby without strong neck and head control.