Babywearing consultant Hong Kong

At Leelaloom, we offer babywearing workshops and private consultations to our clients. Both Esther and Dee are certified babywearing consultants trained under the School of Babywearing.

What Does a Babywearing consultant do? 

Educate how to wear baby safely and comfortably. 
- Wearing a baby safely in a carrier is crucial as it can be dangerous for baby when a carrier is not used correctly. Babywearing consultants educates what safe wearing looks like and what caregivers can do to ensure baby is safe every time they are in carrier.
-  Babywearing is an opportunity to bond and attachment with your child. It should be comfortable for both baby and caregiver. Our job is to make sure both parent and child is feeling comfortable and enjoying these special moments. 

Recommend safe baby carriers. 
- Not all baby carriers are made equally! There are many knock offs and unsafe carriers. We make sure the carriers used are all tested and up to safety standards.

- Not all baby carrier brands suggest best practice instructions that are safe for babies.  Our consultants provide best practice guidelines that are up to date to safety even when brands don’t.

Suggest baby carriers based on you and your family’s needs.
- We help cater to different needs! Each family is unique in what their carrier needs are, each caregivers’ body shapes and sizes are different. Not all carriers fit everyone the same. A babywearing consultant’s job is to  provide options and suggestions to find the perfect carrier for your family!

- Infants and toddlers need different support in a carrier, we help suggest carriers base on baby’s weight and height. 

Show how to use different types of baby carriers. 
- We understand baby carriers can be confusing. There are so many buckles and straps, it can be a taunting task learning how to put your baby in. We will show you how to wear baby safely in different types and different brands of carriers and how to work the different mechanics.   

- We teach parents how to set up their carriers to fit their baby properly. A newborn and a toddler requires different settings on a baby carrier to be worn. 

Fit checks on the carrier(s) you have
- Our babywearing consultants will also check to make sure the carrier you have is used safely and comfortably. 

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