Choosing your first handwoven wrap

Handwoven wrap collection

What is your base size?

Wraps come in many different length from 2.7-8 ( size 2 to 8) meter long, Your "base size" is the size that will allow you to do a ‘Front Wrap Cross Carry’ comfortably.

Here is a quick guide for you. This chart is based on women US t-shirt sizing.

Size XS 

Wrap size 4

Size S

Wrap size 5

Size M/L

Wrap size 6

Size XL/2XL

Wrap size 7


Some mums prefer a shorter wrap for back carry; some mums will prefer longer wraps for fancy finishes.

For dads we usually recommend size 7 or 8.

For your first wrap we suggest you start with your base size as It will be easier to work with. 

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If you need help choosing your wraps feel free to contact us for a quick chat!

For guidance on how to do Front Wrap Cross Carry please see our tutorial page